• Congratulations ! Elaina Byrd

    Elaina Byrd Joins Team BCA to record and release her new single Fall 2019. Elaina is an extremely talented vocalists from Delaware looking to make her mark in mainstream gospel music. We are fortunate to have Elaina with Team BCA Records. Please visit BCA Recording Studio, llc. Facebook and Instagram to hear Elaina singing gospel music covers from her favorite artists. Congratulations again Elaina and Team BCA 2019

  • Darryle Bass Released his latest single Change" Recorded Mastered and Released by Team BCA Records  October 20th 2018. Be sure to purchase his new single "Change" and show your support for this "Powerful" "Inspirational" and "Amazing artist that will move you with this new single.

  • New Artist Alert !!

    Team BCA Records will soon introduce to mainstream music and all streaming platforms GiGi Rivera. This very talented New Artist will capture you with her inspirational lyrics and perfect voice tone. We are excited to sign this Artist to a multi-record deal over the next 2 years and ready to watch her grow in the music industry to the next Artist to hit the charts. BCA will keep you posted on new developments and release dates. Congratulations GiGi and Team BCA 2019

  • New Releases Now Available

    Congratulations !! Darryle Bass, Ambrosia Grandison, Benjamin and Roselyn Gainous on their New Singles Releases by Team BCA 2018. Congratulations on a Amazing Release Party and Worldwide sales in all major online stores 


  • Congratulations! Ambrosia Grandison On your new Single Release "Talk To Me"

    Team BCA Records

    Ambrosia Grandison Has Recorded and released a Beautiful song titled "Talk to Me " Release Date 10/20/2018 . 

    Her Live performance at the BCA release Party was nothing short of "Spectacular" Great job to Ambrosia and All New BCA Recording Artist on a Flawless Release