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LOGIC PRO-X PROTOOLS BCA Recording Studio is equipped to handle today’s music with the highest quality mastering tools in the music industry. We take pride in all recordings and have the highest Quality Standard Comfortable work environment with multiple zones for a climate controlled studio and vocal coaching areas.

Mixing Panels

  • 90J D&R
  • DK8 DiGiCo
  • Digdesign
  • PS5449W Rane Corporation
  • Roland Corporation
  • 948THG54 Argosy
  • 43RD Shore
  • Mackie 5 Series
  • MCI 9

Audio Editing Programs

  • Adobe Premiere Air
  • Lxgic C
  • BarageGend
  • AudioCita
  • Mixx
  • AudioFactory
  • VibVisual
  • Ubunta Studio
  • 65 Studios