• BCA is very fortunate to have been able to locate and work with some of the most talented and dedicated individuals in the field.  Immediately, there was a powerful dedication and a welcomed synergy between everyone which is working to make the journey worthwhile.

  • Bill Cain

    Mastering and Mixing

    Certified Audio Engineer

    Bill has performed for more than four decades with recording artist from Gospel to Jazz and R&B. Bill has enjoyed music since childhood and has expanded his skills throughout the years.  He is multi-talented and plays a number of musical instruments including bass, acoustic and lead guitars, keyboards, and also exercises his vocals from time to time.  Needless to say, Bill is an accomplished musician and has proven to be an excellent producer as well.

  • H. Lee Howell

    Vocal Coach

    Mr. Howell has worked in music for more than five decades and is very good at what he does.  He has coached many local quartets in the state of Delaware and surrounding areas.  He has achieved great success due to his great love and passion for music.

  • Andre Hoxter

    Musician - Keyboards

    Mr. Hoxter has been a musician for more than 30 years and has played with some of the absolute best in the field both domestically and abroad.  He is an engineer at Time Warner.  He is originally from Delaware but currently resides in Florida.  He is an accomplished smooth jazz artist and a wonderful asset to BCA Productions.

  • Reynold Hicks Professional Photographer


    Reynold Hicks 

    Hix Photography is the official photographers for Team BCA Records and has done an outstanding job in capturing the very best in BCA Artist, events and Photo shoots. We are very fortunate to have the best in the business part of Team BCA. Welcome to the team Hix Photography. We look forward to many more years of excellent service.  

    Team BCA Records 2017

  • Alexis Cain

    Musician-Bass Guitar

    Alexis has been involved with some form of music since her early childhood.  As she continues to study, her skills are becoming stronger and her style has become her vey own.

  • Colette Cain

    Colette has also proven to be a valuable asset to the studio. She strategically coordinates the financials and all other aspects of the business as she too comes from a family with a strong background in business.

  • Kenny Chin


    Mr. Chin, is owner and operator of KC-Tell-A-Vision, was established in 2011.  He has contracted with local and mainstream artists such as Jada Kiss, Latoya Luckett (back-up singer for Destiny’s Child) and Wiz Khalifa.  Mr. Chin,  Kenny, is also an accomplished DJ and performer and has performed in local plays.

  • Timothy Rodriguez

    Information Technology Professional

    Timothy Rodriguez is an Information Technology Professional. Tim has a varied and diverse work history which has exposed him to many innovative technologies.  His experience keeps BCA Studio on the cutting edge.

  • Diane Hess

    Publications Designer

    Diane brings a wealth if experience spanning over four decades in the music publications and marketing field. Starting out in the church she too is an accomplished pianist and composer that knows the business . Diane is a published author and with her keen eye for placement, our published material take on a new perspective as she keeps the public informed.She has proven to be a invaluable player we are proud and fortunate to have on our Team.

  • Bruce Cain Graphic Artist

    Bruce Cain

    Team BCA is proud to have Bruce Cain as Graphic Artist. Bruce has achieved many Artist awards from the early age of 7 to present day . Truly a child Prodigy to the Elite Status of Graphic Artist for Team BCA .His Talent for creating new album covers for artist is unmatched and undisputed. January 1,2018 Bruce at the age of 16 will run the entire Graphic Art Department for Team BCA and Team BCA Records . Congratulations to Bruce   Well Done !

    Team BCA Records 2017

  • Robert Hess Audio Visual Technician

    Robert serves as the Audio Visual Technician for BCA and brings a strong work ethic and dedication to the team.Robert is also a 7th grade Special Education Math and Science teacher. He also coaches Middle School sports. Robert has recently earned his Master's Degree in Teacher Leadership from the University Of Delaware. Robert is a tremendous asset and excellent resource at BCA Recording Studio and Team BCA Records

  • Makeup Artist Annie Romero

    Annie brings years of experience working with high profile clients and performers to deliver the flawless image as seen in major productions. Annie has been assigned all BCA artist and will direct all makeup applications for photo shoots ,video shoots and live performances. Proud to say Team BCA has one of the Best in the Business. Welcome Annie   Team BCA 2018